JMB Measurements

JMB Measurements

Shaun McKane is our Cotts Farm JMB official measurer, allowing us to continue to offer this service at our premises by appointment.

Please note that all animals measured require the presence of a microchip. If your horse or pony is not microchipped you can still bring them for an official measurement. However, a microchip must be placed at the time (always after the measurement, to avoid stressing the animal). Please enquire the price of placing a microchip at Cotts if this is required. Alternatively, you can make your own arrangements for a microchip placed before the measurement appointment.

As always, please take every effort to accustom your animal to the measurement process, in particular standing square and relaxed with a measuring stick in place. Remember the shoes should be removed and the feet trimmed. As well as saving time, having a relaxed owner and animal is the surest way of avoiding any disappointment. You are advised to refresh your memory of the rules and regulations on measurements. These can be found at theĀ JMB website.

Please note:

JMB rules state that consecutive measurements must be performed by different measurers in different locations. If the previous measurement was carried out by either Richard Davies or Richard Coomer MRCVS at either Cotts Farm or Fentons on Haverfordwest, the JMB will not accept it.

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